Gilbert Allardyce (1988)

allardyceAffiliation at the time of the award: University of New Brunswick (Fredricton Campus), History.

Citation: He is a rivetting lecturer who teaches with an intense style, pacing his presentation very precisely to the level of his audience. Yet, in spite of his lecturing skills, Gilbert Allardyce insists that the essence of teaching and learning is group discussion of the questions posed by the modern European historical experience. In addition to the excellence of his traditional courses, Professor Allardyce has opened up several new teaching fields within the department of history. In 1986, he wrote and directed a television film, “Writing a College Essay” and has, on several occasions, served as the Director of Graduate Studies and as Director of the Departmental Honours Program.

  • “He is a riveting lecturer who teaches with an intense, humble, untheatrical style, pacing his presentation very precisely and matching it exactly to the level of the audience.”
  • The university recognized what students had been saying for years when, in 1977, they presented him with the Allen Stewart Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.
  • More recently, he has emerged as a North American leader in the debate over how History can and should be taught at university.