Connie Rooke (1987)

rookeAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph, English.

Citation: Dr. Rooke gives generously of her time to students both inside and outside the Department. She has given guest lectures to other departments and programs, some off campus, including prisons. As an administrator, she has worked hard and effectively to improve teaching. For several years she directed the Department’s first-year program, which involves more than 1500 students and later was instrumental in developing and administering important new programs in Women’s Studies and Canadian Studies. In these programs, and in her former capacity as Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre, she has had a major impact on teaching at the University.

“She is a total teacher, equally hard working at every level of her job, be it course creation, class preparation, presence in the classroom or her commitment to Canadian writers.”
As a result of her reputation, she was invited to head the new Teaching and Learning Centre which she nurtured until it became an important resource for all instructors.
Connie on inviting students to be co-learners: “I try to introduce every new text by pointing to those areas of the text I still don’t fully understand.

Obituary: Editor, writer and academic Constance (Connie) Rooke died Saturday night of ovarian cancer in Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. She was 65. —Read more