Jack London (1987)

londonAffiliation at the time of the award: Pitblado LAW, Senior Counsel.

Citation: Professor London’s teaching abilities and contributions to the development of methods and programs have been outstanding. He demands a great deal of his students, and they respond to his high expectations. As an academic administrator (Director of Education for the Law Society and later Dean of the Faculty of Law), he has given imaginative and effective leadership in the development of new education programs. He is a serious student of the techniques and strategies of effective professional education and has written extensively on the history and structures of legal education and continuing education in the profession.

Students respond to his high expectations and his ability to present the substance of the law in its larger social context.
His work with the Canadian Law Teaching Clinic has earned him national recognition as a leader in the field of law teaching.
Jack on his role: “I try to teach the paradoxes … the dilemmas; I am not a guide to the truth.”