Peter Kennedy (1987)

kennedyAffiliation at the time of the award: Simon Fraser University, Economics.

Citation: Professor Kennedy has long and wide experience as a teacher and a consistent record of achievement. The hallmarks of his teaching are his use of innovative techniques, the great clarity and cogency of his explanations, and a combination of rigour and helpfulness. He instituted a Teachers’ Forum at Simon Fraser, inviting faculty interested in teaching to exchange perspectives and ideas. He also took advantage of a research trip to investigate teaching techniques at various Ontario Universities. His initiative led to the successful introduction of a university-wide “TA Day” modelled on the program at McMaster University.

A winner of three previous teaching awards, two of them international awards in his field.
A teacher who, in his own quiet and persistent way, clearly and actively works for teaching excellence at Simon Fraser.
Peter on preparing for class: “I try to fantasize the whole class, all 50 minutes, in order to decide if that’s where we should go.”