Don Woods (1986)

86-woodsAffiliation at the time of the award: McMaster University, Chemical Engineering.

Citation: Widely recognized as an expert on teaching and learning within the Engineering academic community, Don Woods has developed novel ways of evaluating teaching and has written several articles to assist administrators in judging effective teaching. Considered an outstanding teacher by his peers and students, he took the extraordinary step of “returning to school” in 1974, and for four years, took every undergraduate level engineering class. Don Woods also developed the current Chemical Engineering curriculum at McMaster.

“His compassion for students is unmatched by any teacher I have seen.”
Studied the curriculum by actually taking undergraduate engineering courses.
World-wide reputation in the area of assisting students with the acquisition of problem-solving skills.
Developed an innovative departmental program for the evaluation of faculty.

Obituary: Don died April 26, 2013 in Waterdown Ontario of a heart attack — Read more