Ralph Krueger (1986)

86-kruegerAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Waterloo, Geography.

Citation: “Good teachers are hard to find: outstanding ones are known far beyond their own campus. Such is the case with Dr. Krueger. He has excelled at all levels as a lecturer, advisor, and supervisor. He is known from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia, as a teacher with enthusiasm, patience, understanding, wisdom, and insight.” (Citation upon receiving award from the Canadian Association of Geographers.)

A former public school teacher, Ralph Krueger is the author of a number of Geography textbooks currently in use throughout Canada and he is highly regarded for his lifetime commitment to teaching. His skill as a teacher has inspired a love of geography in many of his students. In 1983 his colleagues in the Canadian Association of Geographers presented him with the “Award for Service to the Profession of Geography” and in 1984 he received the Distinguished Teaching Service Award of the National Council of Geographic Education and in 1985, the Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Waterloo.

“Actively responds to the teaching and learning needs of colleagues, teaching assistants and students.”

Initiated a TA training program including field camps and a manual.

Offered an alumni funded “teaching apprenticeship” program for senior teaching assistants (TA and instructor collaborate on designing and delivery of a course).