Eileen Gillese (1986)

86-gilleseAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Western Ontario.

Citation: At the time she was named a 3M Fellow, Professor Gillese had only three years teaching experience. In that short time, however, her outstanding teaching achievements in the university and the community and her commitment to teaching had won the respect of her students and colleagues. She is active in curriculum development and is a strong supporter of the concepts of equitable grading and improved appeal procedures. Her students admire her sense of integrity, compassion and professionalism and accept these ideals as criteria for assessing their own academic and professional careers.

“Students are moved by her integrity, compassion and professionalism.”
Divided incoming class into small groups and uses these as problem-solving sessions, counselling sessions, and to enhance self-directed learning skills.
Created a workshop program for junior faculty.