Andy Farquharson (1986)

86-farquharAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Victoria, Social Work, Learning & Teaching Centre.

Citation: One of the first faculty members recruited to the University’s School of Social Work, Dr. Farquharson participated in the development of a highly innovative curriculum founded on competency-based practice and the principles of adult learning. He also played a leading role in the development of the school’s continuing education program and is one of the most respected workshop leaders in the province. He serves as the Director of the University’s Learning and Teaching Centre and has promoted innovative programs for his colleagues to improve their teaching skills.

  • “Outstanding record as a teacher and as a leader in adult education.”
  • As Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre, offers a wide range of teaching improvement programs, and teaches a graduate course “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.”

Andy has given numerous talks and presentations at the University of Victoria, at conferences and at other universities. The topics have included:

  • 3M Award Winners panel
  • Managing Structured Controversy
  • Teaching Adults
  • Designing and Managing Learning events
  • Lecturing for Learning: An Approach to Effective Lecture Design
  • Empowering the Learner: Three Strategies
  • Learning and Teaching Styles
  • Creating a Culture of Lifelong Learning in the Schools of Social Work
  • Facilitating Group Discussions
  • Classroom Research
  • Creating and Using Overhead Transparencies
  • Leading Effective Discussion
  • Teaching Assistants at Canadian universities: An Unknown Resource
  • Using Critical Incidents videotapes for faculty development

Video Productions and Publications
Andy has produced two videotapes that contain twenty different vignettes depicting various challenges in teaching and learning in higher education. The first tape was also financially supported by UBC and SFU and has been purchased by more than one hundred and fifty universities and colleges world wide. There is also a strong demand for the second Critical Incidents tape, Critical Incidents II (or “Close Encounters of the Academic Kind”. Andy recently completed a book with the provisional title Teaching in Practice which will be published by Jossey-Bass in the Fall of for next Fall. Andy will again direct the annual Faculty Development Pacific Institute which takes place at the University of Victoria in August and which included another 3M winner, Gary Poole, on the Institute faculty.