Alannah Robinson (2012)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Waterloo

Citation: Through Alannah’s definition of a leader, and its cyclical, ongoing process, she explained how as she began her post-secondary education; with passion and enthusiasm she wanted to be instrumental in creating change and leave her mark at the University of Waterloo. She sees gaps and actively finds solutions to fill them such as organizing uWaterloo’s first-ever invocation ceremony which officially welcomed over 4000 students to their post-secondary experience. She sees potential in others, and does everything she can to help them reach it, as demonstrated through her involvement with a conference called Action Minded People Empowered to Dream. She actively seeks opportunities to help others gain the skills they need to improve.

Alannah has highlighted an important and common issue present on campus: segregation. She sees community as a tool to break down barriers and recognizes its essential role to a well-rounded educational experience and one that is central to her involvement at the University of Waterloo. She has been a community-builder for the last two years as Residence Life Don, where she supports the academic and personal needs of students living in residence.