Mimi Liu (2012)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Toronto

Citation: Mimi is a remarkable leader whose vision, dedication, and passion for empowering the marginalized is inspiring. She founded Vivace, a youth-driven, community-based organization that helps make music education more accessible to children from families with limited means. This year, she co-chaired INDePth, a new, annual conference that brings Canadian and international students from diverse disciplines together to discuss development in Asia. As well, she works for Prof. Joseph Wong on a multidisciplinary research project on health innovations for the global south.

Mimi is also interested in China’s development and foreign relations. She hopes to help ameliorate tensions between China and other countries in the Asia-Pacific and facilitate international cooperation on global challenges. She recently conducted field research on the dynamics of democratic deepening during the January 2012 Taiwanese presidential elections. She spent last summer in China, where she interned with International Bridges to Justice, which works to strengthen rule of law in developing countries. Mimi has continuously sought experiences that deepen her understanding of complex social problems and enhance her ability to facilitate solutions.