Rosa Lee (2013)

Affiliation at the time of the award: McMaster University

Citation: Rosa tackles global challenges with rare energy and personal responsibility. In particular, she is driven by the concerns of public and global health. She equips herself to impact healthcare through education, research and advocacy. She is an MCAT instructor at Kaplan Test Prep Company, a private tutor at Young Academy, and she has been invited for an Introductory Psychology teaching assistant position. She is co-authoring the undergraduate textbook for this course, and assisting another professor build an undergraduate—graduate course on Translational Medicine.

Further, motivated by the macro scale impact research can have on healthcare; Rosa is leading two research projects investigating the efficacy of various medications, and co-authoring a paper on the neurobiology of depression. Rosa has travelled to India as a medical volunteer, and is currently volunteering at Princess Margaret Hospital as a Healing Beyond Body volunteer. She has written a strategic advocacy piece on the rational use of medicines, soon to be published by McMaster Health Forum Student Voices vol. 4. Rosa has founded a group, Collaboration of Korean-Canadian Health Advocates, to build a platform where Korean-Canadians can collaborate to make a difference in the world of healthcare.