Tye Landels (2014)

tye webAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Victoria

Citation: Tye defines leadership as a community action, arising out of a community setting with communitarian aims. He regards himself as both a leader and a citizen in a variety of diverse communities. As president of the University of Victoria’s English Students’ Association, Tye has led numerous initiatives to foster interconnectedness, fairness, and opportunity among his department’s diverse undergraduate student body. As an encoder and research assistant for Dr. Janelle Jenstad’s Map of Early Modern London (MoEML), a renowned digital encyclopedia, Tye has led a groundbreaking initiative to disseminate the project’s technical instructions, methods, and workflow practices to digital humanists worldwide. Moreover, as a student with physical disabilities, Tye challenges ableist stereotypes and asserts the value of accessibility and inclusion in the undergraduate classroom.

Tye’s firm belief in the values of equality, self-actualization, democracy, and accessibility unites and guides his many efforts as a community leader. He identifies and intervenes when he sees these values threatened, unrealized, or underdeveloped in his communities. In this vein, Tye advocates for reforming the institutions and ideologies that isolate and oppress many undergraduate students on Canadian campuses. He believes that undergraduates can rejuvenate institutions of higher learning and transform their local and global communities.