Jolène Labbé (2012)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph

Citation: Jolène has integrated her activities with her educational goals, with leadership potential emerging during a course on world hunger. In introducing a transformational educational experience, Jolène begins with her story of traveling to India to volunteer in a medical clinic.

Reflecting on the nature of leadership and mentoring, she sees the primary role of education to serve society and enhance social well-being. She co-facilitated a first-year seminar, Confronting Cultural Dilemmas, volunteered to help bring Kim Phuc to campus to speak about the aftermath of the napalm bomb attack on her village during the Vietnam War and helped to coordinate the Stop-Hate, Promote Acceptance Campaign. She has been a Multi-Faith Team program facilitator, providing resources for students about religious groups on campus, as well as a chance for students from different faith groups to meet, celebrate their diversity and learn from each other’s traditions.

Passionate about sustainability, Jolène tries to incorporate principles of living simply, resilience and awareness of one’s impact on the environment in all that she does. She writes that leadership opportunities allow for one to share their experiences and knowledge and inspire others. It is clear the many ways in which she does this.