Alex Harding (2014)

Harding, AlexAffiliation at the time of the award: Dalhousie University

Citation: A born innovator, Alex integrates his talent for thinking differently with his passion for bolstering international education and outreach programs across Atlantic Canada. In 2013 he broke new frontiers as President of WUSC Acadia, bringing in more funding and immigration support for local sponsored students from international refugee camps than ever before in the university’s 170 year history. Alex believes that these students are one of Canada’s greatest assets, and by showcasing their stories and talents, they won Acadia’s Club of the Year and WUSC People’s Choice Awards, beating out 61 other universities across the country.

His renewable energy accomplishments include prototyping a $90 dual-axis solar stove (currently in post-development to be deployed to Kenyan refugee camps) as well as publishing a mathematical model to reduce power estimation error on wind turbines by up to 30%. Never idle, Alex attributes his unwavering dedication to his teammates and his greatest source of inspiration to his brother, younger by five years exactly, and born with autism.