Stephanie Doherty (2013)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of British Columbia

Citation: At the heart of Stephanie’s leadership is a desire to be responsible with the opportunities she has been given and to be a person of integrity that is consistent with her actions. Her experience in post-secondary education has convinced her that words do not inspire change. Action however, has the power to transform values.

She has shown leadership in her community through her volunteer work and employment by the Prince George Public Research group, researching and developing a compost system that meets the UNBC Campus sustainability goals. This led to a campus waste audit and the co-authoring of a report of recommendations. She invests in the Prince George community through organizations like the “Life Center” and her leadership extends to Honduras and New York City where she has participated in youth outreaches. Passionate about being a well-rounded person, Stephanie has made it a priority to be involved in extracurricular team activities that include competing in the Western and Canadian Engineering Competitions. Through her actions she inspires her peers to take on the challenge of doing hard things, and to break out of the constraints of expectations.