Emerson Csorba (2013)

Affiliation at the time of the award: University of Alberta

Citation: While balancing studies in a joint-honours Sciences Politiques and Political Science degree, Emerson has served as a research assistant in a variety of fields, from neurobiology to French linguistic studies and the philosophy of higher education. In 2011-2012, he served as the Vice-President Academic of the U of A Students’ Union, representing over 30,000 of his undergraduate peers, where he organized one of Canada’s largest undergraduate research symposiums. In addition to this, he helped put together the Canadian Roundtable on Academic Materials, an online nationwide conference that brought together bookstore managers, librarians, publishers, students and faculty to discuss the rapidly-changing academic materials industry.

Aside from his U of A activities, Emerson is a dedicated runner, having completed several marathons and ultra-marathons. With endless kilometres of river valley trails, Edmonton is an excellent spot for running, which Emerson takes of advantage of each summer. He is also an avid writer, serving as an editor and co-founder of The Wanderer Online, a daily magazine launched in July 2012 that has become one of Edmonton’s highest-viewed dailies.