Shwetha Chandrashekhar (2014)

Chandrashekhar, ShwethaAffiliation at the time of the award: University of Guelph

Citation: Shwetha has contributed greatly to her campus community through her initiatives outside the classroom. As Chapter President of Students Offering Support Guelph, one of several charitable sustainable social ventures across North America, she raised almost $6,000 for sustainable education projects in Latin America with her team of volunteers by running several exam review sessions. She also conceptualized and initiated an event to motivate students to engage outside of the classroom: Redefining Success: How to Win at University & Life. She has co-founded Guelph Commerce Women in Business to encourage female students to embrace the reigns of leadership.

Through this venture, she co-initiated Building Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Empowering Women to Lead & Succeed to encourage social dialogue on the need for women in leadership roles. She has also been a frequent contributor to her campus newspaper and currently blogs on management and leadership issues in the workplace. Shwetha was selected as a national finalist in a business strategy competition, Focus 2040, in which she unveiled her vision for the world of work in the next thirty years. She is committed to ensuring that more students in her community fall in love with the pursuit of authentic learning.