November 2016 Communiqué




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3M National Student Fellowship – Call for expressions of interest. The 3M National Student Fellowship (3MNSF) program honours 10 full time undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding leadership to enhance the quality of educational experiences in academia and beyond. We are actively seeking expressions of interest for the following positions associated with the 3M National Student Fellowship: Retreat Facilitators, Project Facilitators, Coordinating Team Members, and Adjudicators. Interested persons should have background/experience in higher education and as well as documented experience and training in any or all of the following: facilitation of groups; project design, planning and implementation; dossier or portfolio review and feedback. Please consider joining us for an exciting and fulfilling opportunity in educational leadership. For more information follow these links to the Call for expressions of interest, the 3M National Student Fellowship award criteria, and the 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Student Fellows. (The deadline for nominations for the 3MNSF is January 31, 2017.)

Welcome to my Classroom 2017. By now you should have received the STLHE 2017 call for proposals for the Halifax conference – “Gateways in Higher Education”. The 3M Council Executive and the 2017 Conference organizers would like to remind you that the “Welcome to my Classroom” sessions are a permanent, and very popular part of the annual conference. Three sessions have been reserved in this year’s program and we invite you to submit a proposal. Use this this link to find out more about requirements for a “Welcome to my Classroom”. The conference deadline for all submissions is Dec 16, 2016.

2017 SoLE grant ($7,500) deadline – January 15, 2017. The 3M Fellows Leadership in Education Grant Program supports educational leadership initiatives in Canadian Higher Education. A compelling effect of this grant program will be to mobilize 3M Fellows involved in educational leadership and allow them to continue, or expand, their leadership roles in Higher Education, transforming Canada’s cultures of post-secondary teaching. A grant of up to $7,500 is available for collaborative initiatives between 3M Fellows, or between Fellows and other colleagues. This grant allows the 3M Fellowship Council to support, mobilize, and celebrate the efforts of educational leaders across Canada, and augments the Fellowship’s ability to engage and sustain this crucial aspect of Teaching and Learning. Projects may involve inter-institutional or discipline-based initiatives, or they may seek to create collaborative relationships across disciplines at a single institution. Use this link for more on application procedures and grant criteria.

STLHE 2016 3M Fellows photo gallery. Each year there are special events for 3M Fellows at the Annual Conference: the Reunion Dinner and Welcome to my Classroom sessions, for example. We gather together photos from the conference photographers and 3M Fellows to create each year’s 3M Council photo gallery. Well, this year is no different, so follow this link to see the 2016 slides or the following links for STLHE 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2011.