Maher and Loeffler awarded 3M Fellows SoLE Grant (2014)


We are pleased to announce the awarding of the 3M  SoLE (Scholarship of Leadership in Education) grant to  Pat Maher, Cape Breton University (3M 2014) and  TA Loeffler, Memorial University (3M 2008).

Are we experientially disconnected?
Understanding experiential learning within distinct
realms of higher education in Atlantic Canada

Principal Investigators: Pat Maher (Department of Community Studies – Cape Breton University & TA Loeffler (School of Human Kinetics and Recreation – Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Abstract: This project is designed to better understand the conceptualization of experiential learning across higher education in Atlantic Canada. It will examine the concept within administrative, teaching and communication roles, and hope to provide both a narrative on experiential learning itself, but also how it relates to comparable terms in both thinking and practice at Atlantic Canada’s 20 universities.

The intended outcomes of the project are first to educate the academy itself, second to ensure that we are able to deliver on the thinking and practice we “sell”, and thirdly to examine this concept under the leadership of recognized experts in the subject – Maher and Loeffler – which is particularly important as government’s start to engage in the rhetoric.

We received eight grants with a total funding request for $47,284 of funds. The SoLE (Scholarship of Leadership in Education) grant program was funded in its first year by AUCC. We would like to thank our adjudicators for their assistance: Esther E. Enns, Shelagh Crooks, and Elizabeth Wells from the 3M Council and Stephanie Chu, Erika Kustra, and Carolyn Hoessler; our EDC adjudicators.