Welcome to my Classroom

09_welcome05_340Starting in 2012 “Welcome to my Classroom” became a permanent part of the annual STLHE conference program and each year the Conference organizers and the 3M Council Executive Committee reserve three sessions in that year’s program and we invite all 3M National Teaching and Leadership Fellows to submit a proposal for one  of these three spots. (Use this link to see past “Welcome to my classroom” sessions.)

“Welcome to my classroom” is scheduled as an interactive session in the conference program and showcases the teaching of 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows. Presenters give a sample interactive class suitable for first-year students or a general audience. The 50 minute sessions would generally consist of two components: a presentation of a teaching moment, innovation or style, and a discussion of the pedagogy behind the presentation. The second part is intended as a forum for the audience to ask questions and relate the enacted elements to their own teaching experiences. We will select three proposals in an attempt to create a balance of styles and subjects.

When you submit your proposal:

  • Please consider the conference theme in your proposal;
  • Follow and respect the submission dates and guidelines as outlined on the conference web site in the call for proposals; and
  • Start the title of your proposal with “Welcome to my classroom” followed by the remainder of your title. This will allow the program organizers to correctly identify the submissions for this part of the program.

The conference program committee will ensure that submissions meet the program requirements and will forward them to the 3M “Welcome” sessions working group who then will select three for the program. Those not chosen for the special session will have the Welcome to my Classroom prefix of the title removed and will be considered with the other submissions to the conference.


STLHE 2016

STLHE 2015

  • 2104 3M Cohort: Jonathon White, Jacqueline Murray, Cam Tsujita, Carol Duncan, Maureen Volk, Pat Maher, Philippe Caignon, Pippa Lock, Rosemary Polegato, and Donna Marie Eansor – Welcome to my Classroom: Tuning into the fun of teaching – how to stop worrying and embrace creativity.

STLHE 2014

STLHE 2013

  • Robert Lapp – Welcome to ENGL 2301, Literacy Periods, 1800-Present: ‘Nature in Four times’
  • Shannon Murray – Welcome to my Classroom: Why Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Matters
  • Glen Loppnow – Student’s Welcome to my Class, Scientists Welcome to the World.

 STLHE 2012

  • B. Singh – The Opening Act in Anatomy 101
  • S. Friedman – The one with the most votes wins? : Get ready for the 2012 American presidential elections. 
  • A. Thompson – Why do we expect so little of some students and so much of others? Learn about the Teacher Expectancy Model and how to interact with students for their success, not yours! 
  • R. Moore – Breaking down barriers and extending borders: The first hour of a creative writing workshop.” 
  • A. Fancy – The teacher-in-the-head / La voix intérieure