Tandem Peer Pairs Initiative

Context and Rationale (see ppt Brandon 2000)

A structured process serves as a scaffolding for Collaborative work:

References and additional Documentation


Planning and negotiating  the scope of Collaborative work.

The tandem partners discuss the following points to negotiate their tandem activity.

Teaching: Specify which General Aspects of Your Teaching will Come under discussion

  • development of a teaching module
  • lesson planning
  • exercise design
  • classroom delivery
  • communication with students
  • evaluation strategies

Objectives and Expectations of Each Partner

  • Sharing of Teaching Development goals or areas for enhancement

Sources of Anxiety about the Collaborative work

  • Disclosure of concerns about entering into the peer mentorship relationship, and agreement about mitigation

Duration of the Tandem Arrangement

  • Extent of the shared work, e.g. one year, one semester, one course unit
  • Frequency of meetings
  • specification of tandem activities during the agreed upon period of the arrangement

Date for a Summative Meta-Discussion about the tandem activity

  • Setting a date for the evaluation meeting to be held at the close of the agreed upon tandem arrangement