SoLE Grant Program
(Scholarship of Leadership in Education)


3M National Teaching Fellows are recognized not only for their excellent and innovative teaching, but also for the leadership role that they play in improving Higher Education at their home institution, province, or across the nation. The Council of 3M National Fellows for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3M Council) recognizes the unique leadership contribution made by not only Fellows, but by all our colleagues. In this spirit, and as a counter point to the more familiar SoTL, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, the Scholarship of Leadership in Education (SoLE) Grant Program was launched in 2014 by the 3M Council to support, mobilize, and celebrate the efforts of educational leaders across Canada, and augments the Fellowship’s ability to engage and sustain this crucial aspect of Teaching and Learning.

Fall 2018 Application deadline: November 16, 2018

Terms of Reference:

The SoLE Grant Program supports educational leadership initiatives in Canadian Higher Education. Each 3M National Teaching Fellow has demonstrated excellence in both educational leadership and effective teaching and learning strategies. Leadership is often the less-celebrated or recognized element of the 3M National Teaching Fellow’s profile. A 3M National Teaching Fellow must be the primary investigator on SoLE grant projects. A compelling effect of this grant program is to mobilize 3M National Teaching Fellows involved in educational leadership and allow them to continue, or expand, their leadership roles in Higher Education, transforming Canada’s cultures of post-secondary teaching.

  • A grant of up to $7,500 is available for scholarly or research initiatives that allow collaboration between 3M National Teaching Fellows, and/or with 3M National Student Fellows, and other colleagues.
  • Projects may involve inter-institutional or discipline-based initiatives, or they may seek to create collaborative partnerships across disciplines at a single institution.
  • Proposals should demonstrate the potential effects of the research project on students’ learning experiences, and on the culture of teaching and learning more broadly.
  • A focus on the Scholarship of Leadership in Education (SoLE) should be explicit. Thus, successful proposals will include:
    • A rationale for the proposal;
    • A method for the evaluation of the research’s outcomes;
    • The identification of its scalability to other disciplines or institutions;
    • And, a dissemination strategy for the results.
  • Projects need to be completed within 1 year of the award.

Selection Process:

Criteria for judging the applications include:

  • Mobilization of people demonstrating educational leadership and the expansion of their leadership roles.
  • Potential benefits of collaborations in the projects that may involve inter-institutional, discipline-based initiatives, or collaborative relationships across disciplines at a single institution.
  • Demonstrated potential impact of the proposed project on student learning.
  • Significance and expected contribution to models for the scholarship of leadership in education.
  • Strategy for dissemination of the results and findings of the proposed project.
  • Feasibility of the proposed project.

The application:

Applications should be submitted by November 16, 2018 to the Chair of the 3M Council Executive ( as a Word document. Projects must be completed within a year of being funded. The proposal should be no more than 4 pages and include the following information and sections: 

  • Title:
  • Principal investigator and affiliation with contact information including mailing address, telephone, and email.
  • Additional Investigators (Identify the 3M Fellows among the additional investigators)
  • Description of the timeline for the project to identify benchmarks and endpoint (reminder: projects need to be completed within 1 year of the award).
  • An abstract:In 150 words describe the scope, objectives and intended outcomes of the project. This abstract will be used for promotion of the project. 
  • A project description: The description of the project is a detailed explanation, including how it will meet the criteria. Proposals that do not address these criteria will not be considered. The description should also include the following:
  • Project objectives, rationale, proposed activity, and significance.
  • Methods, procedures, and an evaluation strategy with justification
  • Evidence of collaboration between disciplines, amongst 3M National Teaching Fellows, with other colleagues and/or students.
  • A dissemination plan (that includes, but is not limited, to the 3M Council website) that will benefit educators and students within the primary investigator’s university, region of further afield.
  • Describe how the requested funds will be used and justify each expense in the projected budget. Provide a brief job description of all the salaried positions/tasks. Please note: Costs related to tasks that are commonly part of planning a course (such as annotated bibliographies, lesson plans, textbooks for students, photocopy costs, professor’s salary) are not covered. Equipment purchases and travel fees will not be funded.

Requirements once the project is completed:

  • A final report, including a financial summary, is due two months after the end of the project.
  • A presentation of the project at a STLHE conference (within 2 years of completion of the project)
  • A White paper to be published in the SoLE White Papers Series [This is a new series and details will be forthcoming].