(Scholarship of Leadership in Education)

FeatureSoLE3M Fellows are recognized not only for their excellent and innovative teaching but also for the leadership role that they play in improving Higher Education at their home institution, province, or across the nation. The Council of 3M Fellows recognizes the unique leadership contribution made by not only 3M Fellows but by all our colleagues. In this spirit we propose SoLE, Scholarship of Leadership in Education as a counter point to the more familiar SoTL, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

This web page will be the entry point to various initiatives associated with SoLE. Our first is the proposal for a grant program that will fund collaborative leadership initiatives by 3M Fellows. This project is still in its infancy but we’re excited and hope you are too. If you have any suggestions or comments drop the Council President an email; we would love to hear from you.

Proposal for a 3M Fellows scholarship of Leadership in Education (SoLE) Grant Program:

The 3M Fellows Scholarship of Leadership in Education Grant Program supports educational leadership initiatives in Canadian Higher Education. Each 3M National Teaching Fellow has demonstrated excellence in both educational leadership and effective teaching and learning strategies. Leadership is often the less-celebrated or recognized element of the 3M National Teaching Fellow’s profile. A compelling effect of this grant program will be to mobilize 3M Fellows involved in educational leadership and allow them to continue, or expand, their leadership roles in Higher Education, transforming Canada’s cultures of post-secondary teaching.  …  Read More

Introduction to the SoLE Initiative will appear here.

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