Silences in Teaching

Les voix du silence dans l’académie

chairs introduction/introduction du président,
editor’s note/mot de l’éditrice,
internal editor’s note/ mot de l’éditrice associée,
a message from 3M Canada/message de 3M Canada,

invitation – invitation

Alex Fancy, waiting for Glotto – en attendant Glotto,
Clarissa Green, abeyance

dilemma – dilemne

Debbie Schnitzer,
Anna Lathrop,
Suzanne Stewart,
Joy Mighty,
Bluma Litnar, present but absent
Claude Lamontagne, le silence des Augures – the silence of Augurs

insight from elsewhere – perspectives inattendues

Susan Drain,
Marcia Epstein,
Kathy Madjidi,
David Fancy and Sue Spearey, witnessing states of perplexity

turning point – percée

Rebecca Nowacek,
Patricia Peters,
Laura Lewis,
David Grimshire,
Arshad Ahmad, That which lies (silently) half asleep,
Anna Migliarisi.

bridging – passerelle

Clare Hasenkampf,
Dustin Morrow, silence and sound in the media room,
Lee Gass, secrets of silence in the classroom –
comment peut-on se taire dans la salle de classe,
Leo Jonker, mathematics and silence – les mathématiques et le silence,
Robert Campbell,
Eugenie Tjan.

in the classroom – dans le salle de classe

Ron Marken, silent-speaking words – paroles du silence,
Mark Weisberg, silence in the classroom,
Alexandra Fidyk,
Eva Knoll, silence! reviving an oral tradition in mathematics education,
Thomas Fleming,
Karen Duplisea three facts of silence in dance education,
Kristin Hardie, the power of wow! the exclamation that makes and breaks silence,
Carol-Ann Courneya, dead silence,
Elizabeth Wells, teaching silence: John Cage in the 21st century –
enseigner le silence : John Cage au 21e siècle.

denouement – dénouemen

Roger Moore, yellow: from silence to creation –
jaune : du silence naît la création)
Louise Halfe