Silences in Teaching

Les voix du silence dans l’académie

Robert Campbell

My faith does not keep silent. It is the subtext that informs my lectures and constructs the real take-home message of the course, a message that is in part about not losing a sense of self in a pluralistic society. The maintenance of personal identity is not about the condemnation of others. However, I cannot force students to be tolerant. I can inform them about their own religious traditions as well as those of the many different people they encounter on a daily basis. I can demonstrate openness and acceptance, curiosity and interest, wonder and awe. However, it is only through silence that I can instill all of this with integrity and genuineness. This is what my students are looking for and this is what brings them back to class day after day. I can only do this because I am silent about my faith, and it only works because my faith is not silent.