Silences in Teaching

Les voix du silence dans l’académie

everyday is a story
Louise B. Halfe

Voices skate, flow beneath ice shelves, grope through cracks to catch each breath, freeze the voice to itself. A duck splayed in ice still flying, its voice racing beneath slivers. Voices from nose-blowing ravens, they grind sputum beneath their heels, curious beady heavens crane, peer.

A kill-deer screeches
kill-deer, kill-deer, kill-deer, kill-deer.
I mutter till I too am screeching.
A bitchy wren scolds
hops branch to branch;
an unidentified summer duck laughs,
laughs at dawn and at dusk
an evil laugh.
My feet crunch the dry grass.
Shut-up I say
I want “silence”
but thoughts jab one another
to get all this in print
and I wonder what lie
my ancestors told me
about my moccasins
about silence.


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