The Open Book | Livres ouverts project

Within the 3M Council our own Fellows are our greatest resource, and we want to harness their passion for higher education by having them share stories,  as an open “book”. Today the concept of open source means free availability, no fees, and that’s exactly what this project is designed to be: engaging, inspiring, and interactive in order to openly showcase the innovative educational leadership our members engage in at their own institutions, across Canada, and on a global stage.

The idea of the open book-type of project is not a new one. The concept is to facilitate conversations and discussions with individuals in real time. A “book” can be checked out to ask questions, spark discussion, and simply interact.

In 2016 (London, ON) we initiated this project as part of the 30th anniversary of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.  It was met with great enthusiasm as we attempted to have 30 3M NTFs participate by offering 30-minute loan periods in the main meeting area of the conference.

For 2018 we have refreshed the idea slightly:

  • We hope to include as many “books” as we can from any interested Fellows in the 3M Council (3M National Teaching Fellows, 3M National Student Fellows and former College Sector award winners);
  • The Open Book | Livres ouverts project will run at a designated concurrent session time (Thursday June 21 from 9-10:15 am; location yet to be determined);
  • All books will have a title (what the Fellow is explicitly interested in discussing), which will be shared in advance on the 3M Council website, but also in the Guidebook program;
  • Books may consist of one or many people (perhaps institutional colleagues or even a cohort of Fellows);
  • Books can be available for sign out by a range of participants, if the discussion would be better served in a small group versus one-on-one; and finally,
  • We hope to have books available in English, French, or Bilingual.

If you are interested in participating as an open book, please contact Dr. Pat Maher  by April 15, 2018.