February 2017 Communiqué





ballotElection of Officers on the 3M Council Executive. In January we welcomed 3 new members-at-large onto Executive, Heather Carroll, Aline Germain-Rutherford, and Pat Maher, and the re-election of Jon Houseman. The 3M Council Executive includes officers elected amongst the members-at-large and include the Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary-Treasurer. Esther E. Enns is the last two years of her term as Chair and Jon has agreed to be Secretary-Treasurer again. With so many new members-at-large we have delayed the election of the Vice-chair as new members become more familiar with how the Executive works.

ballot2016 Annual Report: Sometimes you don’t really know how busy you’ve been until you have to sit down and prepare an annual report. It’s no different for the Council and the Executive has posted our 2016 Annual Report on the 3M Council Web site. Highlights include revisions for the 2016 call for nominations of the 3M National Teaching and Student Fellowships to be more inclusive of students and instructors in the college sector and students in two year programs. We also created of a more inclusive Council and revised the bylaws that govern the new Council. Finally, at STLHE we hosted the first “Human Library” along with the Welcome to my Classroom sessions which were a great success. We celebrated together at our annual Reunion dinner at Wyndermere Manor and welcomed Liisa Sheldrick as our guest from 3M Canada. Use this link to view the full report.

3M Welcome to my classroom: This year we will have four Welcome to my Classroom sessions at STLHE 2017 in Halifax. They include:

  • A Mandatory intro Physics course you don’t really want to take, and that you think you’ve already mastered in High School. Adam Sarty (3MNTF 2011), Saint Mary’s University.
  • Welcome to My Classroom: Student Engagement in a First-Year Gateway Course. Mike Atkinson (3MNTF 1998), Western University.
  • Building Community in the Classroom. Pat Maher (3MNTF 2014), Cape Breton University.
  • This hour has seven days: A typical week in the life of my Ed Psych students. Ron Sheese (3MNTF1986), York University.

ballotWelcome to all the new Fellows in the 2017 cohort There is a new cohort for 2017 and they will be our first group to return to Montebello for the 2017 retreat. Learn more about our new colleagues on the 3M website. We’ve added their biographies to the complete list of all the Fellows including the students and College Sector award winners.

  • Greg Evans – University of Toronto
  • Alison Flynn – University of Ottawa
  • James Fraser – Queen’s University
  • Timothy S. O’Connell – Brock University
  • Nicola Simmons – Brock Universitity
  • Alan Steele – Carleton University
  • Gordon Stubley – University of Waterloo
  • Glen Van Brummelen – Quest University
  • Jay Wilson – University of Saskatchewan
  • Shelly Wismath – University of Lethbridge