STLHE 2016 – London

STLHE 2016 – London

This year STLHE 2016 is in London Ontario and hosted by Western University and Fanshawe College. 2016 is a very special year for the 3M Council of National Teaching Fellows and STLHE as we mark the 30th year that 3M Canada has sponsored the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. Be sure to drop by the history section of our website and listen as Dale Roy and Chris Knapper reflect on the origin of the “Stanley Cup of Teaching”.

This year the Reunion Dinner will be held at the Windermere Manor on the campus of Western University.

During the conference there a number of events planned to celebrate this special occasion and the 31st cohort of Fellows and we will keep you updated on these with this web page and email announcements. See you in London.

–Executive of the 3M Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows

Annual General Meeting and Special Plenary Session: Recognizing Educational Leadership
Tuesday June 21, 12:30-5:00 pm
Location: Fanshawe College Room: TBA
Registration deadline June 10, 2016

After a very short AGM and some lunch you will want to be at our special Plenary Session Higher education research on leadership and change still tends to focus on leaders in positions of power, such as presidents, provosts, and deans. More recently, scholars have examined the nature and role of leadership as it occurs in the broader post-secondary community, focusing instead on the contributions made by grassroots or bottom-up leaders. Other forms of leadership such as service, distributed, situational, and shared leadership have come to the fore and have offered alternative ways of identifying, supporting and celebrating leaders in a range of formal and informal contexts. An elaborated understanding of leadership allows us to consider the person who is the leader. What makes a leader? Who is a leader? How do leaders function in their various contexts? How do they mobilize others?

We would like to understand more fully what leadership looks like through various lenses, including your experiences as a 3M National Teaching Fellow, at your institution, and in your discipline. We hope to continue the work begun in our 3M impact study on educational leadership by sharing preliminary results from our recent Leadership Survey. These findings should stimulate discussion during our 2016 STLHE conference special session on Recognizing Leaders and Leadership in Post-Secondary Education.

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STLHE Conference Opening Reception
Tuesday June 22, Time: 5:30-8:00pm
Location: Physics/Astronomy Building atrium.


3M Fellows “Human Library” Project
Various times during the conference – check the posted schedule and sign up sheet at the “Human Library” table in these locations:
June 22, Mustang Lounge West, June 23 & 24, Mustang Lounge East.

The Council is working on a special project where we hope to have 30 3M Fellows available for STLHE attendees to meet and discuss their teaching.

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Beginning the Journey
(2016 3M National Teaching Fellows and Facilitators Only)
Shannon Murray and 3M Retreat Facilitators
Wednesday June 22, 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm
Location: Ivy Spencer Leadership Center.

3M Council SoLE Grant Presentation
In 2014 the Council awarded the first SoLE grant to Pat Maher (Cape Breton) and T.A. Loeffler (Memorial University of Newfoundland). Learn more about their project at this session. Deadline for the 2016 SoLE grant is April 30, 2016.
Date and Time: TBA
Location: TBA

3M National Teaching Fellows Reunion Dinner: The Windermere Manor Hotel
Wednesday, June 22, Tentative time: 6:00pm-10:00pm
Registration deadline: June 10, 2016.

Use this link to the STLHE Membership Centre to register for the reunion dinner.

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STLHE Conference Banquet
Thursday, June 23, Time: 6:00pm-12:00pm
Location: Western’s Great Hall

This year marks the 30th year of the agreement between STLHE and 3M Canada. All Fellows are encouraged to attend that Banquet which is a special celebration of the past thirty years and the years to come. Watch here for additional information.

3M National Student Fellows Plenary
Location: Western’s Mustang Lounge East
Friday, June 24, Time: 11:15 am -12:15 pm

The 2016 cohort of 3M National Student Fellows will share their ideas about student leadership and challenges in post-secondary education. They will make connections between these two areas and offer ideas and solutions.

Welcome to my Classroom: Establishing Relevance via embodied engagement
Maureen Connolly (3MNTF-2003), Physical Education & Kinesiology, Brock University
 Session 2.04: Wednesday June 22, 1:30 pm – 2:20 pm, UCC 56.

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Welcome to My Classroom – The Two Hour Taskforce on Barriers to Educational Innovation
Tom Haffie (3MNTF-1995), Biology, Western University
Session 10.15: Friday June 24, 9:00 am – 9:50 am, UCC WALS Classroom

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Welcome to my Classroom: Three Ways of Looking at Hamlet
Shannon K. Murray (3MNTF-2001), English, University or Price Edward Island
Jessica Riddell (3MNTF-2015), English, Bishop’s University
Lisa Dickson (3MNTF-2011), English, University of Northern British Columbia
Session 6.04: Thursday June 23, 11:30 am – 12:20 pm, UCC 56.

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Welcome to my classroom: Empowering Learners by Creating Human Connection
William B. Strean (3MNTF-2011), Physical Education & Recreation, University of Alberta.
Session 4.04: Wednesday June 22, 3:45 pm – 4:35 pm, UCC 56.

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Preparing a 3M National Teaching Fellowship Nomination: Advice from Three Perspectives
Shannon Murray (UPEI), Debra Dawson (Western), and Tim Loblaw (Bow Valley).
 Session 3.01, Wednesday June 22, 2:45 pm-3:45 pm

In this panel session, three veterans of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship selection committee – the Coordinator of the program, the Chair of the Educational Developers’ Caucus, and the Chair of the STLHE Standing Committee for College Advocacy — will offer their suggestions for prospective nominators or nominees. Among other things, we will look at clarifying and developing the educational leadership section, at identifying what is extraordinary in the nominee’s teaching, and at making the best use of the page count. Each panellist will offer three suggestions, and the rest of the time will be devoted to questions from participants.

 The evolution and the impact of a 30 Year Partnership – The 3M National Teaching Fellowship Program 
 Denise Stockley (Queen’s), Ron Smith (Concordia), and Arshad Ahmad (McMaster).
Session 6.12, Thursday June 23, 11:30 am – 12:20 pm, UCC 146.

The 3M National Teaching Fellowship program has a rich history in Canada as the premier teaching award coveted by professors and post-secondary institutions alike. This program was developed in 1985 through a unique partnership with the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and 3M Canada. Over time, it has evolved into one of the most successful public/private partnerships in Canada. Our session highlights this evolution and we provide an overview of our three year study on the impact of the 3MNTF program. During our study, we have collected and analyzed data regarding the impact of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship through focus groups, a national survey, and the collection of archival material. We invite you to learn more about the 3M National Teaching Fellowship program and the unique impact this partnership has had on STLHE and the teaching and learning landscape across Canada.