Call for Nominations to Executive



Call for Nominees and Expressions of Interest – 3M Council Executive.

In accordance with the Bylaws of the Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows a nominations committee consisting of Elizabeth Wells (Committee Chair), Mercedes Rowinsky, and Shelagh Crooks to invite the nomination of individuals by 3M Fellows, or expressions of interest (self-nomination), to fill four (4) positions as Members-at-Large on the Council Executive. (Nomination requirements are located at the end of this notice.)

The term of each position is 2 years and is renewable for a second, 2-year term. The terms officially begin at the upcoming STLHE annual conference in Kingston, STLHE meeting in June during the face-to-face meeting of the 3M Council Executive.

Meetings and Travel
This is a working executive and between September and the Annual STLHE meeting in June the executive meets every two weeks using the video conferencing system WebEx. The second face-to-face meeting occurs in December. There are only limited funds available to support travel to the face-to-face session but the President of STLHE and the Chair of the Council Executive assists Executive members in requesting $2000 in travel funds from the VP Academic from each executive member’s university.

The Council Executive
The Executive consists of appointed and elected members. Elected members join the executive as members-at-large, while the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer are elected from among the members-at-large of the Executive. Esther Enns is currently the Chair Elect and will become Chair of the Executive at our June meeting in Kingston.

All members of the executive are responsible for participating in meetings of the Executive and contributing to the mission, aims and goals of the Council which, as defined in our bylaws, include:

  1. The Council mission is to inspire and engage all Fellows, harnessing their experience, wisdom, and passion to celebrate and promote teaching excellence and to develop and encourage post-secondary teachers in Canada.
  2. The aims and goals of the Council are:
    1. To promote the Fellowship, its members and activities to outside constituencies and with strategic partners;
    2. To celebrate and share news about and projects spearheaded by the Fellows;
    3. To create communities of practice both regionally and nationally amongst 3M Fellows to discuss important issues in Higher Education teaching;
    4. To design and carry out projects which enhance teaching and learning excellence in Canadian Higher Education;
    5. To develop relationships and exchange with award-winning teachers outside of Canada;
    6. To assist in the coordination and adjudication of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and the 3M National Student Fellowship;
    7. To participate as a voice in public in debates and discussions about post-secondary teachers, their teaching and learning in Higher Education

Nomination Procedure
Each nominee is required to provide a brief 250 word biography, statement of interest on becoming a member of the executive, and a recent photograph. This material is published on the Council Website and serves as the candidate’s promotional material for the election.

Please send nomination materials to the Chair of the nominations committee (Elizabeth Wells – before midnight March 28, 2014 and if you have any questions about the nomination process please contact Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Wells, Co-chair 3M Council Executive &
Chair 3M Executive Nominations Committee