Join or Renew Your Membership

cohortAs a 3M Fellow you are a life-time member of two important organizations in Canadian Higher Education: The Council of the 3M National Teaching Fellows, a constituency of the larger Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE).

An important benefit of being the recipient of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship is that there are no costs associated with your membership in the Council or STLHE. This places the Council in an unusual position of being an organization incapable of financing its activities through membership fees. The Council does not receive regular financial support from either STLHE or 3M, so it must raise its own funds to support initiatives such as the three books we have published in hardcopy and online, and the 25th Anniversary celebrations.

We are asking the 3M fellows to consider making a voluntary annual contribution of $49. In return you will be recognized as a Supporting Member of the Council. At the same time we would ask you to consider a $100 contribution to STLHE. You can make your contribution by using this link to the STLHE Membership Centre.

We’re counting on your passion and your voice to strengthen the good work of the Council and STLHE.