About The Council


The Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows is a community of award-winning teachers who are lifetime members of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), and a constituency within the STLHE. The Council shares the aims of the STLHE, advises the 3M National Teaching  and Student Fellowships Program Coordinators, and undertakes projects that enhance teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Vision and Goals

  • To promote the Fellowship, its members and activities to outside constituencies and with strategic partners.
  • To celebrate and share news about and projects spearheaded by the Fellows.
  • To create communities of practice both regionally and nationally amongst 3M Fellows to discuss important issues in Higher Education teaching.
  • To design and carry out projects which enhance teaching and learning excellence in Canadian Higher Education.
  • To develop relationships and exchange with award-winning teachers outside of Canada
  • To assist in the coordination and adjudication of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and the 3M National Student Fellowship.
  • To participate as a voice in public in debates and discussions about post-secondary teachers, their teaching, and learning in Higher Education.

Our History

By 2001 the 3M National Teaching Fellowship had grown to 150 members. There was a need for the Fellows to organize and share collectively, just as they had done as a cohort each year at the 3M Retreat. So in 2003, in spite of the SARS epidemic, the Fellows gathered in Toronto for a Think Tank. As a result, dozens of regional and national teaching and learning initiatives were created. To harness this energy, the Council of 3M Teaching Fellows was formed, and Alex Fancy was elected as its first chair.