3M National Student Fellowship – Call for expressions of interest


 3M National Student Fellowship
Call for expressions of interest

The 3M National Student Fellowship (3MNSF) program honours 10 full time undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding leadership to enhance the quality of educational experiences in academia and beyond. Students participate in a day long retreat to discuss leadership in post-secondary education, lead a plenary session at the STLHE conference and collaborate on a project of their own design relating to educational leadership.

We are actively seeking expressions of interest for the following positions associated with the 3M National Student Fellowship:

  • Retreat Facilitators
  • Project Facilitators
  • Coordinating Team Members
  • Adjudicators

Interested persons should have background/experience in higher education and  as well as documented experience and training in  any or all of the following:  facilitation of groups; project design, planning and implementation; dossier or portfolio review and feedback. Details of eachposition are provided below.

Retreat Facilitator: As part of their experience, the 3MNSF participate in a facilitated day long retreat at the STLHE conference. The retreat allows the cohort to get to know each other, to develop a sense of their cohort ‘identity’or defining characteristics, plan their conference plenary session and design their ongoing applications of educational leadership through their cohort year(June to June). The Retreat Facilitator is in touch with the students prior to their arrival at the conference,  consults with them regarding the retreat,guides them through the retreat process, assists in the planning of the plenary and assists in the initial phases of designing the project. There is financial support for the travel and accommodation of the Retreat Facilitator/s, and,depending on the budget allocation approvals, a modest honorarium.

Project Facilitator: The ongoing application of the cohort’s plan for their year,or ‘project’ is designed to allow the cohort to participate in the various enactments of their collaborative educational leadership commitments. The Project Facilitator consults with the cohort on a monthly basis, assists in the further development and implementation of their project, and supports their ongoing enactments of their project. This facilitation is frequently done via a variety of online and other electronic media modalities. At this point this position has no funding line attached to it, but depending on the budget allocation approvals, there may been honorarium associated with this position. Both the Retreat Facilitator and the Project Facilitator liaise with the 3MNSF Program Coordinator and may also be in communication with the 3MNSF Coordination Team.

Coordination Team: The 3MNSF Coordination Team oversees the 3MNSF program,coordinates the call for nominations, the adjudication of the nominations, the management and tabulation of adjudication data, the updates of the status of adjudications, the selection of the 3MNSF cohort, the follow up contact with the cohort members and all other submitted nominations,  the public announcement and all the audiovisual and biographical information associated with that announcement, the 3MNSF-related conference and retreat planning and preparations. This participation is on a volunteer (unpaid) basis. CT members will receive a formal letter of appreciation from STLHE and the 3MNSF coordinator for their professional dossiers. At this point involvement on the CT has no funding attached to it,however, pending budget allocation approvals, there may be subsidized support for STLHE conference attendance.

Adjudicators: Adjudicators of the 3MNSF nominations are a group of 25-35 volunteers comprised of post-secondary educators, professors, students,educational developers, past 3MNSF recipients, past 3MNTF recipients, student support staff and/or others in the post-secondary sector interested in engaging with the 3MNSF program. Adjudicators are involved in the adjudication process from January to April of the nomination year, adjudicate between 5-8 dossiers each, and liaise with the coordinating team and the 3MNSF program coordinator during the adjudication process.  The3MNSF coordinator and members of the CT oversee, mentor and support the adjudicators during the processes associated with reading and reporting on the dossiers. The process is entirely online with phone meetings and follow up as necessary.   Timely adjudication is a critical component of the smooth and efficient unfolding of the announcement of the 3MNSF cohort in early April. This participation is on a volunteer (unpaid) basis.  Adjudicators will receive a formal letter of appreciation from STLHE and the 3MNSF coordinator for their professional dossiers.

A letter of interest outlining experience and training with an accompanying CV may be sent by November 21, 2016 to:

Maureen Connolly, 3MNSF Program Coordinator,
FAHS, BrockUniversity, 1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way,
St. Catharines, ON. L2S 3A1.

mconnolly@brocku.ca. 905 688 5550 X 3381.

Please consider joining us for an exciting and fulfilling opportunity in educational leadership.