3M Fellows Speakers list


The 3M Council Executive invites you to join the 3M Fellows Speakers list

For a while now, the 3M Council has been considering creating a Speakers List of 3M Fellows. Each of us has areas of experience and expertise in Teaching Innovation and Educational Leadership, the qualities for which we became 3M Fellows. As a result, 3M Fellows are often called upon to speak about these strengths to our colleagues at our own institutions and beyond. We represent a rich resource to promote Excellence and Leadership in Teaching and the 3M Council believes that we should let the Post-secondary Educational Community across Canada know more about us and this potential.

Most recently, 3M Canada reached out to the 3M Council of National Teaching Fellows with a view to engaging Fellows in that company’s events and activities. They are particularly interested in inviting 3M Fellows to be guest speakers at events that are hosted by various divisions within the company. The idea was sparked at 3M’s recent Marketing Excellence Day, where Nick Bontis (2009) gave a very successful presentation; when they realized that he was a 3M Teaching Fellow, they were keen to include other Fellows in future events.

The Council believes that now is the time to create this 3M Speakers List and we would like to invite you to include your name, along with a statement of expertise or topic that you would like to speak on. This could be in the form of a short paragraph or some simple bullet points. We would like to have an initial list ready for the end of the October – 3M has some upcoming events that they are eager to have 3M Fellows participate in. We will also publish the list on the Council’s website.

If you could send me a reply at this email address: Chair3mcouncil@STLHE.ca the 3M Council Executive would be pleased to add your name to this new initiative.

Discipline of Study / Research Field: Presentation

With best regards,
Esther E. Enns,
Chair Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows