2016 Election of 3M Council Executive


You are invited to participate in the election of new Members-at-Large to fill current vacancies on the Executive of the Council of 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows.  As a member of the 3M Council, you will receive an email containing a unique key to open the ballot, thus ensuring complete anonymity.  When filling out your ballot, you can vote for up to three candidates.  Voting will start on November 21, 2016 and finish November 30 at midnight.  Please note that the Council elects members of the Executive as Members-at-Large; after the election, the Executive meets and chooses the persons for the positions of Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary-Treasurer from amongst its midst.

Dianne BatemanDianne Bateman
(College Sector Educator Award 2014)
English, Champlain College

It is with enthusiasm for the changes about to take place in the structure of the 3M National Teaching and Learning Fellows that I am putting my name forward to serve on the new 3M Council as a member-at-large.

Like many, I have longed to see college educators become part of the 3M Teaching Fellows. As a long-standing member of STLHE I have witnessed the evolution of this union and would consider it an honor to spend the next two years helping make this union meaningful, smooth and complete.

My own career has spanned the two levels of higher education. At the college level, I am a member of Champlain St-Lambert’s English department. At the university level, a PhD in Educational Psychology has allowed me to teach at the graduate level in McGill’s Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling and to assist McGill’s Center for Medical Education in their quest to promote inter-professionalism and ongoing program evaluation. I am also one of the founders of the Master Teachers Program, a graduate program for college educators, accredited by the University of Sherbrooke,

Finally, in 2014, I received STHLE’s College Sector Educator Award.

While I delight in becoming a member of the 3M Council myself, my intent is to reach out to the recipients of the CSE award as they are grandfathered into the 3M Council and encourage them to take an active role in 3M Council initiatives. I believe my background, experience and leadership skills can help ensure a successful union.

Heather CarrollHeather Carroll
(3M National Student Fellow 2014)
Master’s Student, Loyola University

My name is Heather Carroll, and you might remember me as a 2014 3M National Student Fellow. My introduction to STLHE as a fellow solidified my passion for understanding the complexities of higher education in Canada, and how issues such as internationalization and globalization are impacting the student experience. Since being awarded the 3M National Student Fellowship, I was invited to be a student representative at Teaching and Learning Canada’s inaugural event, LearningXchange, and mentored the 2015 cohort of Student Fellows. I have contributed to CELT, written an op-ed in University Affairs, and also had the pleasure of co-presenting a session about the 3M National Student Fellowship at the Atlantic Universities Teaching Showcase in 2015.

Since my graduation from Memorial University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts, I have been pursuing a Master’s of International Higher Education at Loyola University Chicago, and teaching at an elementary school in St. John’s. My graduate coursework has already taken me to do field work in Vietnam and I will soon embark on a research trip to Italy to bolster my understanding of post-secondary education in international contexts. If selected as a member of the 3M Council Executive, I would be honoured to serve the wonderful 3M Community and give back to a group who has been instrumental in my own academic and personal development. Thank you for your consideration!

Statement of interest:

I was awarded the 3M National Student Fellowship as an undergraduate student of Education and Arts at Memorial University. During that time, I questioned why my Education degree requirements were largely devoid of service and experiential learning. The program structure provides students with a singular, local practicum experience that did not expose us to diversity in any sense: within the cohort, within schools, and across diverse teaching landscapes. Therefore, I independently undertook two practicums, teaching languages in Fiji and Cambodia, which shaped me into the student and teacher that I am today. The 3M Fellowship and community of learners deepened my understanding of teaching and learning, and helped me understand that service learning, both at home and abroad, were high-impact educational practices that would benefit all pre-service teachers.

I believe that teachers who undergo facilitated experiences which bolster their intercultural competencies are ultimately better prepared to meet the needs of today’s students and classrooms. This is because schools are far more diverse learning environments than ever before. This vision is not limited to pre-service teachers: post-secondary students and professors could benefit from an increased sense of intercultural competence so they can be engaged teachers, learners and citizens.

I am passionate about international higher education and all that it incompasses. Oftentimes, Canada is a leader in higher education, and our work needs to be celebrated. The 3M Fellowships are a hallmark of excellence in Canadian higher education, and I would be honoured to serve the 3M community as a Member-at-Large on the Council Executive.

Through my position as a student, and an active social media presence, I can help celebrate and share news about the fellowship, and engage with a variety of stakeholders. As a student of International Higher Education at an American university, I have a wide network of excellent teachers from another nation, which will help expand the fellowship’s reach. Moreover, I am currently the only Student Fellow from Newfoundland, and would love to collaborate with other Fellows in the amazing Atlantic Canadian region to enhance teaching and learning endeavours here. Finally, I have already engaged with media (from student newspapers, to CBC Radio) about the nature of the Fellowship and would love to continue promoting the Fellowship and teaching and learning excellence across Canada. With your support, I would be happy to serve the 3M community and represent the 3M Student Fellows on the Council Executive.  

Rosalina ChiovittiRosalina Chiovitti
(College Sector Educator Award 2014)
Professor, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Consistent with the 3M Council’s mission to celebrate the passion, diversity, experience, stories, exemplars, and expertise of all Fellows in promoting and making visible teaching excellence at every opportunity, I welcome the honour to learn from, and contribute to communities of practice, partnerships (e.g., I am a Fellow with Staff and Educational Development Association-SEDA), initiatives (e.g., 3M Welcome to My Classroom), and debates within higher education. I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University, followed by a Master of Science in Nursing and a Doctorate of Education, both from the University of Toronto. As professor from the College Sector at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning my role includes facilitating learning and teaching with learners in all four years of the dynamic Collaborative University of New Brunswick-Humber Bachelor of Nursing Program. Also, I work with faculty on teaching teams, mentor faculty, support curriculum, and accreditation processes. Further, my role has included supporting and encouraging faculty with exciting teaching-learning projects designed to impact student success, experiences of student learning, and life- long learning across eight academic programs at Humber. My philosophy of teaching and peer leadership is person-centred in which diverse perspectives are celebrated and co-created. As a College Sector Educator Award recipient (2014) and recent adjudicator for College Sectors Educator Awards, I enthusiastically look forward to cheering- on the creativity and excellence of others by assisting with adjudication and projects within the newly expanded 3M Fellowship context; and, working to inspire and engage all Fellows.

Aline Germain-RutherfordAline Germain-Rutherford
(3M National Teaching Fellow 2005)
AVP, University of Ottawa

Please receive my expression of interest to be a member-at-large on the 3M Council Executive. My passion and deep involvement for Teaching and Learning started on day one of my teaching career: entering my first class at the University of Provence in France to teach a Phonetics course was a nerve-racking moment and at the same time such a fulfilling experience that I never stopped teaching for the last 35 years. After receiving my Doctorat de Didactologie/Didactique des Langues et des Cultures at La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III, and throughout my career I have had the pleasure to teach Linguistics, Phonetics, French as a Second Language (FSL), Language Teaching Methodology, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Child Language Development in France, Canada and in the US, and I have been honored to be invited as a visiting professor and keynote speaker in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Everywhere I went I devoted my energies to continually rethink the teaching and learning paradigms to provide students with learning experiences of quality. In 2001, I was offered the position of Director of the Center of University Teaching at the University of Ottawa, and this was a turning point for me. I began to fully immerse myself in faculty development research and activities. STLHE became my second home, and I actively participated in the Society’s activities: I was a member of the Selection Committee for the 3M National Award (2002-2004), the Coordinator of the Alan Blizzard Award (2002-2007), the Vice-president (Partnership) and member of the STLHE Board of Directors (2003-2008), and a member of the 3M Council executive committee (2006-2010) where I actively participated in the design, writing and editing of Making a Difference and Silences in Teaching and Learning. I also conceived and edited the online collection of videoclips Teaching Large Classes: 115 Ideas from 18 3M Teaching Fellows.

Today, after a five year stay in the US as the Associate Vice-President of the Language Schools & Graduate programs of Middlebury College and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of Middlebury Interactive Languages (2011-2016), I am back at the University of Ottawa as the Associate Vice-President for Teaching and Learning, a position where I can continue devote all my energies and passion towards the excellence of teaching and learning in higher education. Being, once again, a member on the 3M Council Executive to actively promote teaching excellence would be an honor.  

Houseman_220-212x183[1]Jon G. Houseman
(3M National Teaching Fellow 2007)
Biology, University of Ottawa

I am putting my name forward as a nominee for the Executive of the 3M Council of Teaching and Learning Fellows. I have had the wonderful experience of spending the last six years on the former 3M Council Executive including four years as the Secretary/Treasurer, and one as co-chair with Elizabeth Wells. Over those six years the Council has grown from a group that had just celebrated its 25th anniversary but lost its sponsor and was looking for a new direction. It’s been my pleasure to be part of an Executive that created the 3M Student Fellowship, the Council website, visual branding for the Fellowship, new goals for the Council, and the by-laws and governance to bring this all about. It has been very satisfying to provide logistic support to the Awards co-chairs and Council projects including the Welcome to my classroom sessions at the STLHE Annual Conference, the annual general meeting and special activity we hold each year, the Scholarship of Leadership in Education initiatives, two surveys of the Fellows, and inclusion of the College sector in the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. I’m particularly proud to spearhead the initiative creating the new more inclusive 3M Council consisting of 3M National Teaching and Student Fellows and College Sector award winners. There is a palpable sense of momentum for the Council as we embark on the leadership initiative and I would be honoured to be able to continue working on behalf of this amazing group of Fellows.

Alison LewisAlison Lewis
(College Sector Educator Award 2013)
Learning and Teaching Commons, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

My work in the field of education has included teaching, consulting and providing educational leadership for K-12 as well as post-secondary.

My post-secondary work began at the University of Alberta as a Field Experiences Associate, mentoring and teaching pre-service educators and researching teacher education. During that time I also began working for Athabasca University where I have served as a course coordinator, writer and instructor/tutor. In 2007 I joined NAIT where I am currently the Executive Director of the Learning and Teaching Commons. In this role, I use collaborative leadership to engage the NAIT community on strategic initiatives that support teaching and learning excellence and innovation. Examples of these initiatives have included the creation of a mandatory course on educational leadership for program chairs; a revision of NAIT’s mandatory instructor preparation course which included the addition of an advanced course on instructional practices; and a program mapping initiative that supported over 70 NAIT programs moving to a common pedagogical framework of Outcomes-Based Education. In 2013 I was honoured by being awarded the College Sector Educators Award. This year, I received NAIT’s highest leadership honour: The Ernest Manning Leadership Medallion.

It has been my role at NAIT to create and lead a culture of excitement and energy for excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. I believe I can bring the same knowledge and skill to the 3M Council to help fulfill the mission of celebrating and promoting teaching excellence for the purpose of developing and encouraging post-secondary teachers in Canada.  

Pat MaherPat Maher
(3M National Teaching Fellow 2014)
Community Studies and Outdoor Leadership, Cape Breton University

Dr. Pat Maher is an Associate Professor of Community Studies and Outdoor Leadership at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia. He is editor of the Journal of Experiential Education and an associate editor of the Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Pat’s eligibility to serve on the 3M Council Executive, as a member-at-large, is based upon joining the 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2014. Pat and colleagues also received the Council’s SoLE grant in 2015.

Prior to joining CBU, Pat was a Commonwealth Scholar and completed his PhD at Lincoln University (New Zealand). He has also worked at the University of Otago and the University of Northern British Columbia. Pat’s executive expertise comes from sitting on a number of industry and scholarly boards, including chairing the International Polar Tourism Research Network and chairing the research working group of the NS Outdoor Network. He also sits on a number of national and international associations as the CBU representative.

Pat is an active researcher and board professional, but also an active educator. Serving on the 3M Council Executive will further one of his key educational aims – mentoring young professionals and assisting them to create a meaningful career that includes a critical eye to scholarship and action. Pat has led a variety of student field courses to remote destinations, but also seeks to connect to larger audiences through online courses. As a student fellowship reviewer he has also heard the stories of how critical these experiential and community-engaged opportunities are. He has Higher Education contacts across the globe and is well situated to act as a voice in public debate on teaching and learning.